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During the long forgotten ancient era when our Prehistoric forefathers walked the earth, they had with them the barest of necessities with them to survive; these included water, food, and shelter.

As their tremendous and simple minds evolved and took on sophistication one of the first things they created was clothing which would aid them in surviving better in the harsh and dangerously unforgiving climate and atmosphere that prevailed in their era. However, it should be acknowledged that this form of clothing was much more different from the linen and cotton we wear today.

While today we wear garments made of either natural, cellulose or synthetic fibers. Our ancestors did not have the knowledge or the skill to procure such materials and construct them into an appropriate cover. Thus, they turned towards skinning their pray for its furry hide and dried it to make leather with the fur on. This could, in turn, protect them from the violent cold.

While in the long-gone era it was dangerous and risky to procure a quality hide from an animal and often led to the awful demise of our cave forefathers, fur apparel still has its own value and is widely recognized for being intensely luxurious and costing upwards of hundreds of dollars, being such an expensive material yet highly demanded among the wealthy and privileged, It is a material that only remains in the thoughts of the common man while those who have the privilege of procuring such garments enjoy its luxury to its full extent.

Nowadays various forms of fur are procured from different kinds of animal which commonly include fox, mink, muskrat, the stoat, rabbit, Asian raccoons,  sable, cats, dogs, seals, coyotes, chinchilla, and opossum. Other than these the most expensive and highest luxury furs are procured from endangered or extremely dangerous and rare animals such as the Panda bear, Polar bear, Brown bear, Tigers, Panthers, Leopards, Cheetahs, tigers and wolves, even otters.

An assortment of these is much more highly prized than others, and there is a gigantic array of grades and colors.

Today, fur apparel is a highly debatable topic due to the stigma around animal cruelty and the harsh processes that include inhumane acts that animals are subjected to too procure the fur. Thus you would see a majority of faux fur in comparison to the real fur on the streets, also since real fur is too expensive. However, opinion varies, and it all comes down to the individual’s choices at that matter.

It’s a well-known fact that trendsetting celebrities such as Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham have significant blame on what teenagers shop for today, Even if it means wearing real animal fur. Gents and ladies aspire to obtain that vintage glamour that comes from the look and feel of fur. Now designers like Amanda Wakeley stepping out in full-length animal coats makes it a lot less surprising that the impressionable population would soon catch on to the trend.

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